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Orioles players have collected some impressive hardware lately, what with Gold Gloves, Silver Sluggers and who knows what else still to come.

I really hope Orioles management understands this, but no window of opportunity for success stays open forever. What began in 2012 could maybe last through 2015 before a major retooling would need to happen again. That would be a four-year run, and other than teams like the free-spending Yankees and Red Sox, successful runs longer than that don’t happen to most other teams.

2012 was a great step to bring this franchise back to respectability, but in retrospect, we didn’t do enough to make a run for the roses when we had the chance. We were two series away from playing for it all! Now is the time to make some bold moves. Let’s not bring in another few guys on one-year redemption contracts that are hoping to boost their value again before heading to some other city for their championship.

Half the fans on Roch’s site probably weren’t old enough to really remember our last championship 30 years ago. The other half of us may not remember the next one if it takes to long to win it.

I’m not suggesting spending stupidly by giving out $150M contracts to
32-year old players. Continuing to spend wisely is well, wise, let’s
just do a bit more of it.

So let’s not mortgage the future by acting desperately. Let’s not let the future pass us by [again] by being too cautious. This time we should dictate the market before the pieces we need go somewhere else. When the market plays out, we end up with leftovers, which seldom brings home the hardware we fans really covet.

Tomorrow begins today. Make it happen Orioles.


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