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The Winter Meetings are over, so get some rest tonight before things pick back up in the morning.

I can only imagine the amount of scrambling around that team executives, agents and reporters must do in trying to stay ahead of their competitors. As a fan it was tiring to me and I only had to track the activity by following a handful of blogs. Special thanks to Roch and Steve on MASNsports, Craig and friends at HardballTalk and Tim and his buddies at MLBTradeRumors.

A big bowl of appreciation goes out to Andy MacPhail, GM of the O’s. For the first time that I can remember in a long time, this was a Hot Stove gathering in FL that brought home positive results. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve made successful off season moves before, but lately they’ve been farther apart from each other. More importantly, these moves actually are ones that I would’ve made.

They got a 3B that’s not too old or too expensive. A SS that has some health question marks, but one that could bring some pop to that spot for the first time since #8 hung up his spikes. And keeping Koji, medical marvel that he is, while risky, was a move that had to be made.

To the other side of that discussion credit goes out for moves that weren’t made. Such as not giving up too much for Jason Bartlett. Not over-bidding for Paul Konerko (if they even “really” made a bid) or Adrian Gonzalez. Yeah, AGone wasn’t too rich for Beantown, but they print money in the Northeast as we all know by now.

Will I get my final major wish (for this off season at least) and bring home a first bagger? Adam LaRoche once seemed among the dregs of available first base options. Now that the VMarts and Dunns have dried up, LaRoche has that “looks pretty good at closing time” look to him. Who would have thought such a change of heart could come so quickly.


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